Wednesday, 6 June 2012

How do I keep it up?

I want to be a writer; now I have heard many rumours and whispers of how this is achieved.

Enid Blyton wrote up to 10,000 words a day (depending on who you listen to), Amanda Hocking tells us she did the bulk of her novels within a period of around three weeks. Whereas the great Graham Green made a point of stopping at 500 words a day, no more and never less.

So all that tells me is that there are different ways and methods that suit everyone, so all I can do is share mine with you.

I write everyday, without fail.

I keep a journal and I write what ever I am thinking. It doesn’t matter, even if I am writing about how I don’t have anything to write! I think the act of putting pen to paper every day is important, if it gets left then it is so difficult to come back to later.

In addition to this I keep a dream diary. I don’t write in it everyday, but I do keep it by the bed so that if I have a particularly interesting dream then I record it in detail – some of those dreams have popped up in my writing; in fact the orchard scene which starts my ‘Serafin’ story is actually lifted straight from a dream!

I also carry a notebook with me everywhere. I record anything that piques my interest, names, places, overheard conversations; I record it all and make notes on any ideas that occur to me, again I can pick this up and rifle through the ideas if ever I get stuck on a plot, or get writers block.

This is just what I do to keep writing, I’d lover to know what other people do to keep their creative juices flowing….

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