Monday, 11 June 2012

Things that inspire me: Pokemon, Captain Planet and Fire-Juggling

Yes, I know that is a strange compilation, however, allow me to explain!

I was just within the right age bracket when Pokemon first came out and at the time I was intrigued (as I’m sure many people were) with the idea that you could collect together hundreds of powerful and magic animals who would then do your bidding.

I was particularly taken with the fire Pokemon and the idea that you could grow a dragon to fight your enemies. I also liked the idea of the animals coming from specific groups; there are the elemental groups of earth, air, fire and water but in addition to that there are the plant Pokemon and the electric Pokemon and I am sure that by now there are a hundreds other types around, but it is the elemental idea that stuck with me and is a theme which turns up in my writing.

This nicely leads me onto Captain Planet. It is only a vague memory of watching the show, but I distinctly remember the rings the characters wore and their ability to control the elements which then combined into Captain Planet; one hero who is able to combine all of the elements together and that is the source of his power. This stayed marinating in my brain for quite some time before I was able to make use of this theme within my writing.

Finally, of course, is the fire juggling. Admittedly it is not quite controlling the elements, but the spectacle of seemingly being able to control fire has always impressed me and I have fond memories of seeing some great fire jugglers. It is their influence that made me sure I wanted my main character, Serafin, to have power over fire, above any other element.

It is strange to think back over the influences I have had and those things that inspire me.

If you want to see how these inspirations have impacted my work, you could start reading my latest story which I am blogging, chapter by chapter every Friday.

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