Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Review: The Best Fairytale Movie EVER!

The Princess Bride

There is a huge revival of fairytale movies at the moment: ‘Mirror, Mirror’ and ‘Snow-White and the Huntsmen’ just to name the most current, with a whole host of new ones on the horizon. They all want to take a new spin on the fairytale, everyone wants the tales to be dark, and grim, with the girls in armour, weak princes and understandable villains who were damaged in their childhood.

But where are all those good old romping stories of yore?

Well that is where The Princess Bride comes in!

I hadn’t seen this movie until recently, which I know can shock a lot of people as apparently the whole world has seen it. I was concerned that the glow of nostalgia had tainted their view of the film and as a result I was ready for a dud when I finally saw it for myself.

But I was not disappointed

Written by William Goldman, The Princess Bride has everything you could want in a fairytale, and more.

There is true love in the form of Cary Elwes and Robin Wright, who play Westley and Buttercup (yeah, I know, who would name their child Buttercup? She sounds like a dairy cow), and it is their love that drives the main plot forward.

However as we all know; true love never runs smooth!

There are Pirates, Dastardly Princes, arrogant rogues, vengeful Spaniards, friendly giants, Rodents of Unusual Size, Impressive Clergymen (Mawwiage is wot bwings us togedda today), and mad wizards, all thrown together in a magical Kingdom with humour and swashbuckling sports-manly swordplay.

The baddies are bad and the goodies are good, there is a satisfying happy ending and everyone rides off into the sunset.

Negative points: Well if you twist my arm I would have to say that Buttercup could have smashed that Rodent of Unusual Size over the head rather than just watched, and the scenes with the old Grandpa and the sick kid added nothing.

But I have to say that the Princess Bride comes out as one of my favourite movies of all time.

If you want a cracking good film, with great quotes (“He is only mostly dead. Not all dead.”), and some fantastic swordplay then The Princess Bride, one of the biggest cult classic movies of all time, has to be the one for you. 

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